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Luxury faux flowers & room perfumes


For a complimentary floral design consultation, contact Sonja by email or phone.

Flower bouquets

View our range of beautiful single and mixed flower bouquets. Perfect for any bespoke arrangement.

Bespoke floral designs

Explore our range of stunning floral vase arrangements that we have made for our customers.

Our packaging

Our flower bouquets are delivered in opulent, high quality wrapping or boxes to ensure the safe guard of your flowers.

We recommend keeping your box to store your flowers or anything else you like...



On a beautiful Parisian summers day, in an arcade near L'opera amongst elegant boutiques, there was an explosion of vibrant blooms. This was the inspiration for Albertine, to bring beautiful faux flowers to Sydney, brightening up any space. We create custom faux flower arrangements for local homes, work spaces and events. Visit our gallery for some inspiration or call Sonja for a free consultation.


Keep us away from water

Dust and blow dry to keep us clean

Keep us out of direct sunlight


Get in touch

PO Box 6772 Silverwater NSW 1811  / Tel 0457 225 334

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